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Nani's Story

The story of the recipe began in 1961 at our grandparents’ restaurant in Edgewater, NJ, where customers would call ahead to reserve slices of cheesecake for their table – they sold out every night.  From that point on, our family had a rule not to write, speak about, or share Nani’s Cheesecake recipe.  Nani knew it was something special and something worth keeping in the family, with the hope that a future generation would take it to the next level.  And here we are!

During COVID, Amy moved in with Nicole’s family – husband and two sons, at the time, ages 2 and 5, and their goldendoodle.  In October 2020, the girls in our family – mom and three sisters – spent a night away for Amy’s birthday, and during that trip the idea of Nani’s Cheesecake was born.  Excited about our new venture, we bought cheesecake pans and scoped our local grocery stores for ingredients the day we got back from our trip. One month later, we were driving cheesecake samples to our friends and family so that they could spread the word!  Soon after that, the orders started pouring in, first for Thanksgiving and continuing throughout the holiday season.  At that point, we knew we had something exciting to share to sweeten everyone’s days. 

Having grown up baking the full-size cheesecakes, we were excited to take on a more youthful approach, experimenting with different sizes and flavors.  With Nani’s permission, we are modernizing the classic cheesecake, using her recipe to create mini cheesecakes in assorted flavors inspired by everyone’s favorite desserts.  We hope you choose Nani’s to elevate your dessert table, bring to your next dinner party, cater your next special event, or add us to your restaurant’s menu.  We are working hard to make Nani proud one cheesecake bite at a time.