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12-Pack Mini Cheesecakes

Indulge in Nani's 12-Pack Mini Cheesecakes: Classic, Nutella, Cookies + Cream, and Blueberry flavors. Pick up only.

Only available for pickup. 

The 12-pack of mini cheesecakes includes:

  • 3 x classic: Nani's classic cheesecake is a light and creamy New York style cheesecake, graham cracker bottom
  • 3 x mint oreo: Nani's mint cheesecake with mint oreo in the middle, topped with milk chocolate + mint oreo, oreo bottom 
    • 3 x cookies + cream: Nani's classic cheesecake with oreo crumbs, topped with milk chocolate + oreo crumbs, oreo bottom
    • 3 x blueberry: Nani's classic cheesecake, filled with blueberry + blueberry sauce in the middle, topped with a blueberry, graham cracker bottom